The importance of where ingredients come from is a crucial decision factor for Chinese consumers. Especially with IMF after a recent contamination scare with Chinese-made formula. To demonstrate that Biostime make their organic baby formula in one of the most pristine places on earth – Isgney, France, we went there and interviewed a local farmer. We captured content that explained why Normandy is such a famous dairy region, due to its nutrient rich terra firma.

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These Normandy cows are a specific
breed that produce a high palmitate in
their milk. Another key factor that needed
to be captured in this content storytelling.

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The content captured needed to encapsulate
Biostime’s natural organic credentials.
Nature in its purest form.

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French and Chinese mums, along with their toddlers were invited to this farm visit to further endorse their strong belief in organic and the importance of the right type of nutrients needed for their child’s well-being.