Swisse. The Quest Continues – Campaign imagery

To recreate the story of Swisse founder Kevin Ring, we needed a rich bank of imagery that demonstrated the epic quest he went on. A quest that lead him to explore the four corners of the globe to find the most nutrient rich ingredients nature could provide. One such location gave us this scale and diversity to tell this tail, and that was Quenstown, New Zealand. Over four days we ventured over mountain tops and drove a 4X4 through remote gorges to film and capture the stills for the campaign. These images were photographed by our Noisy Beast content team.

quest img1
quest img2
quest img3
quest img4
quest image

Four days of rain, hail and shine, were all welcome
in bringing this incredible story to life.


To make this campaign
believable the images needed
to be rustic and raw.
No filters or trickery, just nature
in its beautiful, natural form…

quest image2

Kris Lawrence, a Melbourne builder
fit the glass slipper to play the role of
Swisse founder Kevin Ring.

quest img5
quest img6
quest img7
quest img8
quest image3

Lake Wakatipu… the next best thing
to the fjords of Peru. No one would
know the wiser.

DSC2092 2
quest image4

Additional footage was captured at the
foot of Mt Etna in Sicily. A place where
the Blood Oranges are nutrient rich
thanks to the fertile volcanic soil