Welcome to Noisy Beast

A premium, full spectrum CBD product that launched in the UK in 2019, Noisy Beast developed the CBII brand name, packaging and launch campaign.

In the heavily regulated CBD oil category, we had to find a way to allude to the product’s benefits without making any specific claims.

This campaign shows how when you’re tired, stressed and in pain, you lose your natural balance and flow. However, by helping to restore the mental and physical systems that manage stress and help support mood and physical recovery, CBII is the perfect way to help you find your natural rhythm.

CBII Campaign 3 Third
CBII Campaign 1 Third
CBII Campaign 2 Third
CBII Artwork 1 Full
CBII Artwork 3 Full
CBII Artwork 2 Full
CBII ShootPics2 c third
CBII ShootPics1 c third
CBII ShootPics1 d third
CBII ShootPics2 a third
CBII ShootPics2 b third