Welcome to Noisy Beast


The launch of the Quest Continues campaign in 2019 was aimed at introducing people to the Quest concept and showing how it related to Swisse.

In 2020, we needed to take this idea and begin to show how it related to our consumers all around the world, and their own journeys towards better health and wellness.

To do this we once again called upon our global ambassadors Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. Designed as a content series first, the episodes take a behind the scenes look at Chris and Elsa and the quests that drive them personally.

The series was shot with an international audience in mind and designed to be viewed as both long-form and short, snackable content. It was also accompanied by a print and out of home campaign.

On Quest Chris Ropes Half
On Quest Chris Work Half
On Quest Chris Hike Full
On Quest Chris Water Full
On Quest Chris Dig Full
On Quest Elsa Cooking Full
On Quest Elsa Outside Half
On Quest Chris Stand Quarter
On Quest Chris Sit Quarter