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We have a great deal of expertise in packaging design, having worked on numerous Visual Identities for different brands around the world.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our most recent global projects.


A premium, full spectrum CBD product that launched in the UK in 2019, Noisy Beast developed the CBII brand name, packaging and launch campaign.

In a market flooded with disreputable brands, we wanted CBII to stand out as the quality brand consumers could trust. To reflect this, we opted for a simple yet sophisticated brand mark and packaging design to help convey the product’s premium nature.

Welcome to Noisy Beast


Swisse have evolved from being just a VMS only brand and have increased their portfolio into skincare as well. This allows for a holistic 360 approach to beauty. Beauty from within (VMS) and now, beauty on the outside as well (topical) A unique selling point to nourish your entire beauty regime.

Noisy Beast played a crucial role in developing the Swisse Beauty range – the naming conventions and the design across all packaging, along with Social media ‘Always On’ content and their digital communications.

Welcome to Noisy Beast


Seeing an opportunity in the market to cater for customers demanding higher potency and strength for improved efficacy, Swisse created Nutra+. This is a behind the counter product designed to be recommended by healthcare professionals.

Noisy Beast developed the brand name, visual identity and all launch communications. And just because they were to be kept behind the counter at pharmacies, we wanted them to look anything but boring.

Welcome to Noisy Beast


This range was developed for a specifically for a young, on the go audience in the UK who need a nutrient boost after a workout or throughout the day while juggling a busy lifestyle.

Noisy Beast developed everything from scratch including the name identity, product packaging, and launch materials to establish the brand in market.

Now we’re is involved in the day-to-day curation of social content and produce their ongoing eCommerce communications.

Welcome to Noisy Beast